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ORAM works to provide protection, safety, and stability to LGBTIQ refugees so they can have the capacity to take actions to improve their lives. 



LGBTIQ refugees and asylum seekers often struggle to find secure housing because of discrimination and persecution due to their sexual orientation and gender identity or expression. ORAM provides short-term and emergency housing to ensure the safety and basic needs of LGBTIQ refugees are met. Some of our short-term housing is provided in partnership with  

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Emergency Response

ORAM works to support LGBTIQ asylum seekers by responding to emergencies and humanitarian crises, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the ongoing drought in Kenya, and changing laws impacting human rights, such as the anti-homosexuality act in Uganda. This sometimes includes emergency cash assistance to new arrivals and vulnerable communities in first countries of asylum to meet their basic daily needs before they can reach self-reliance.  

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Service Referrals

Leveraging partnerships, ORAM refers clients to other local and international service providers – and vice versa – to ensure that LGBTIQ asylum seekers and refugees receive well-rounded support in their country of asylum. 

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